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Experts on gathering people around in cold nights and grilling the perfect marshmallows with high-quality steel fireplaces.


Our Products

Industrial Steel

Strong, moldable, resistant

After analysing the weakness of our product, we realized that the more junctions the fireplace has, the more it is vulnerable to break. This is why we designed a model that is made of one principal piece of steel that is folded into the shape of the fireplace, making it more resistant and durable.

Top Chimney

Safe experience

Our chimney is equipped with an inside grid at the top under the escape, in order to prevent the embers to fly out. This reduces the risks of wildfire and burns, giving a more secure experience to the user.

How much wood can it handle?

Filled to the top

The dimensions of our products depend on the model chosen, but as they are built to be strong, they can hold their own volume in wood. This means that they can be filled to the top, excluding the base and its chimney.

Water Condensation

Anti-rust and corrosion

Our fireplaces are equipped with and escapement hole on the inside to evacuate water produced by condensation, which reduces the risks of rust and corrosion.

Charcoal Black

Durable, high temperature resistant, waterproof

Our fireplaces are painted with waterproof and high temperature resistant paint that ensures its durability and protection against different climates.

About Us

Who Are We?

G.E.P. Création

We're an artisan family business that started experimenting with steel and fireplaces a few years ago. After a bit of time we found the perfect prototype of fireplace that allows it to endure all type of conditions.

How did we do it?

  • Understanding our customer's needs.
  • Analysing our product and its weak points.
  • Choosing the right materials.
  • Designing and building a highly resistant product.
  • Testing it in different environments and conditions.

To put our product to test, we did an experiment in our garage. Dropped from a lift machine, it survived a fall of 2mts to the ground without any damage, proving its durability and its ability to withstand remarkable conditions. Do not try this at home.

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Buying a product from us assures you a life-time of nights around the fire.



We offer the possibility of delivery, depending on the area. Feel free to check our range on the map below and contact us if it's needed, we would be more than happy to attend you! Aditional fees might be applied.


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